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Posted: December 29, 2011 in Book Addict

My nickname in high school was Reader because I’d always have a novel open inside my textbook (when I was awake in class, but that’s another story).  I’ve been known to read the backs of cereal boxes when I couldn’t find anything else to read.  I read mainly romance novels with some YA and the occasional mystery thrown in.

Two years ago for Christmas my mother gifted me with a Kindle, and I think I heard a snippet of angel-song and saw a small glow coming off of it.  I have to admit that, after the initial thrill wore off, it took me a while to warm to reading on it as it definitely doesn’t “feel” like a book – even with a cover on it.  Once I did warm to it, however… it was bliss.  All of those lovely, lovely books at my fingertips. ::sigh::  My husband liked it, too, because it convinced me that I could safely part with some of my Dead Tree Book collection (I’ve never done a full count, but I gave away over 500 and still have 3 tall bookshelves packed full of my absolute favorites. Why yes, I do have cats… why do you ask?).

Then the Big Agency pricing wars came along and rained on my parade. Those bastards.

I quickly decided I would not EVER buy another ebook published by one of those companies – I’d either pre-order a hardback (can usually get a 50ish % discount on those) or get them from the library.  I’ve kept my word, too.

It also didn’t take me long to sniff out free reads (relax – I’m not talking piracy; I mean the reads that Amazon/smashwords/other ebook stores and publishers offer for free for a limited time) and cheap reads by indie authors and publishers.  By doing this I have found some real gems that I never would have found if I had stuck to the Big Publishers; admittedly I’ve also stumbled on to some absolutely horrible books (forget an editor – some of these didn’t even bother with spell check!), but overall I’ve come out ahead.  Because I can’t pass up “free romance” and keep downloading stuff I currently have almost 500 books on my Kindle, and a good 30% of those are unread. Yep, I used to get panicky when my TBR pile got below 10 books, now I’m wondering when I’ll find time to catch up on the 150 or so on there now. I mean, I guess I could do nothing but read until I’m caught up, but my children get cranky when they haven’t been fed in a few days (again, RELAX; I’ve never starved my children… yet).

With all of those books by fairly obscure authors, I tend to forget the titles of ebooks after a while (age could play a part in that, too, I suppose), so I may or may not get around to opining on some of them here. Someday.

Blah, blah, blah

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I’ve tried blogging before.

Several times.

To put it mildly, I suck at it.

Why am I giving it another go?  Well, sometimes I like to talk about random crap. Mostly, though, I’ll probably just use this as online backup for recipes, funnies, pics, and stuff. There might even end up being book opinions (I’m not even close to the league of “reviewer”), ramblings about tv shows, politics, faith/religion (and yes, I consider them 2 separate things), all-things-Disney, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

In other words, if you stumble upon this and think, “Boy, this moron has the most boring case of ADD I’ve ever seen” then 1) You’re probably right , and 2) Tough shit – it’s mine.

You want interesting and/or cohesive? Look elsewhere.