Posted: December 29, 2011 in Book Addict

My nickname in high school was Reader because I’d always have a novel open inside my textbook (when I was awake in class, but that’s another story).  I’ve been known to read the backs of cereal boxes when I couldn’t find anything else to read.  I read mainly romance novels with some YA and the occasional mystery thrown in.

Two years ago for Christmas my mother gifted me with a Kindle, and I think I heard a snippet of angel-song and saw a small glow coming off of it.  I have to admit that, after the initial thrill wore off, it took me a while to warm to reading on it as it definitely doesn’t “feel” like a book – even with a cover on it.  Once I did warm to it, however… it was bliss.  All of those lovely, lovely books at my fingertips. ::sigh::  My husband liked it, too, because it convinced me that I could safely part with some of my Dead Tree Book collection (I’ve never done a full count, but I gave away over 500 and still have 3 tall bookshelves packed full of my absolute favorites. Why yes, I do have cats… why do you ask?).

Then the Big Agency pricing wars came along and rained on my parade. Those bastards.

I quickly decided I would not EVER buy another ebook published by one of those companies – I’d either pre-order a hardback (can usually get a 50ish % discount on those) or get them from the library.  I’ve kept my word, too.

It also didn’t take me long to sniff out free reads (relax – I’m not talking piracy; I mean the reads that Amazon/smashwords/other ebook stores and publishers offer for free for a limited time) and cheap reads by indie authors and publishers.  By doing this I have found some real gems that I never would have found if I had stuck to the Big Publishers; admittedly I’ve also stumbled on to some absolutely horrible books (forget an editor – some of these didn’t even bother with spell check!), but overall I’ve come out ahead.  Because I can’t pass up “free romance” and keep downloading stuff I currently have almost 500 books on my Kindle, and a good 30% of those are unread. Yep, I used to get panicky when my TBR pile got below 10 books, now I’m wondering when I’ll find time to catch up on the 150 or so on there now. I mean, I guess I could do nothing but read until I’m caught up, but my children get cranky when they haven’t been fed in a few days (again, RELAX; I’ve never starved my children… yet).

With all of those books by fairly obscure authors, I tend to forget the titles of ebooks after a while (age could play a part in that, too, I suppose), so I may or may not get around to opining on some of them here. Someday.


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